About Us

A+ Tree Service was established in 1994 with the mission of bringing a positive and trustworthy presence to the tree service industry.

As the company has steadily grown, our two founding principles have kept us grounded: standards and ethical leadership. Going beyond the standards established by the state and the ISA, our team holds to rigid standards of excellence in performance and superior service. These high expectations drive A+ Tree Service to push ourselves for a better result for our customers. Without leadership, meeting our own rigorous standards would not be possible. Through communication, quality, collaboration, succession planning and tenure, our leadership is the driving force for the company’s success.

Over the years, the team at A+ Tree Service has grown and sharpened skills. With experience and education combined, we have met all sorts of interesting arboricultural challenges, everything from careful hand pruning of fruit trees to removing trees surrounded by decks, to build upon our expertise. The challenges have made our team skillful and creative with solving problems.

We believe in thinking creatively to maximize urban recycling. Through our adherence to standards and conservation, our desire is to inspire urban forest management throughout the industry.  By leveraging technology blended with high standards, we hope to improve real arboriculture care practices and encourage urban recycling throughout the industry. Leading by example, we continue to explore the latest technological advances to hone the best way to practice arboriculture for our customers, all the trees, and the planet as a whole. Trees play a vital role in our world and we desire to treat them accordingly.

We celebrate diversity and independence. Each member of the A+ Tree Service family bring different skill sets and experience to the table. Through encouraging our team to explore different possibilities for success, we have discovered many creative and arboriculturally beneficial methods. This celebration of diversity translates into our customer service as well. We recognize every customer is unique and deserves personalized solutions for their trees.

Our tree service offers a full spectrum of services, such as pruning, maintenance, tree removal, stump grinding, planting, relocation, storm response, root management, insect/disease control, trunk/root excavation, forest floor boost, cabling, bracing, deep root fertilizing, mulching, consulting, value-added services, tree inventory/management, custom milling/furniture, and 24-hour emergency services. Whatever the tree concern, our certified arborists have the expertise to handle it. We are serving Naples, Fort Myers, and the surrounding areas. Ready to serve at a moment’s notice, A+ Tree Service strives to be a leading voice in our industry and the most trusted choice for tree services in Naples, Fort Myers, and beyond.